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Route 1:

The City of Viterbo (3 km away from our B & amp; B). The birth of the city of Viterbo is to be found in the Middle Ages. The Lombards and their last king Desiderius conquered and fortified ancient village called Castrum Viterbii since then, on the Colle del Duomo. The medieval quarter of San Pellegrino, the Papal Palace, the churches and the famous fountains are just some of the sights to see in the City of the Popes. (Duration full day).

Route 2:

The Terme di Viterbo (5 km away from our B & amp; B). The reservoir and hydro-mineral hydrothermal Viterbo is one of the most abundant in Italy. It consists of various sources, mostly hyperthermal (from 40 to over 56 ° C), for the most part sulphurous-bicarbonate-sulphate-alkaline-earthy. It offers modern spa facilities and super-equipped and open spaces to enjoy the hot springs. Highly appreciated by many popes, including Pope Boniface VIII, the therapeutic properties of these thermal waters drove Pope Nicholas V, in 1450, to build a residence to conveniently access to care. The successive Popes repeatedly enriched and expanded the spa complex. The spa facilities have been renovated and expanded again in 1994. Our Bed and Breakfast has an agreement with the Terme dei Papi in Viterbo (around 10% discount on entry to the pool and spa treatments for face and body). (Half or full day).

Route 3:

Palazzo Farnese in Caprarola and Lake Vico (distance 15 km and 12 km from our B & amp; B). It was built on a tuff spur to more than five hundred meters above sea level, Caprarola has its ancient feudal lords and the genius of the architect Jacopo Barozzi called Vignola its particular urban structure. To see the famous Farnese Palace and its magnificent gardens. Vico Lake is a clear lake from clean water which reflected the Monte Fogliano and Mount Venus, an area originating from a lively volcanic activity. The surface area of ​​about 12 sq km and a perimeter of 18.8 km. The Vico Lake is the third largest lake in Lazio and swimming. (Duration full day).

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